4 Sites to help you with your public relations

We all know how powerful a press release can be, but how do we know what is relevant to the media at the time?  How can we find out what stories are being written about and then connect them to our business?

Here are a list of site that the pro’s use.  It’s a free country – use them too!

  • Help a Reporter Out (HARO) – a free resource where reporters submit queries directly to PR professionals. Subscribers to the list serve receive up to three daily emails, each with anywhere from 15-30 queries per email.

NOTE ABOUT HARO: I started using this service the day I posted this link.  I have already been featured in one blog and will be featured in another magazine.  Now that is a site that really can help with your public relations!

  • PitchEngine – Sending out a press release?  What about your social and professional networks like Facebook and the like?  Pitch Engine allows you to create a press release and then submit it to all of your social networks with one click.  Easy.  Smart.
  • ReportingOn – Want to know what people are writing about so you can get an angle for your business?  This is a “status update” of what real reporters are writing about, right now!
  • Your Pitch Sucks (YPS) – Send your draft pitch to public relations experts for a serious review. They will let you know whether or not your pitch is up to par (and if it’s not they offer suggestions).

Posted By Leah Dossey, owner, art director and designer at Blueleaf Creative.  Contact Leah at ldossey@blueleafcreative.com  Follow Leah on Twitter,  join the facbook group Creative Wisdom, or become a fan of Blueleaf Creative.

One Response

  1. Another great resource – for actually creating a good press release – is PressReleaseGrader (http://www.pressreleasegrader.com/). Work with this online tool until it gives you a high grade, before you send it to, say, YPS. The feedback is instantaneous, and it’s fun to watch your score improve with big and small tweaks.

    BTW, I discovered this at David Meerman Scott’s blog WebInkNow (http://www.webinknow.com).

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