Who has your favorite Twitter background?

A good Twitter background can do a lot for you.  It can brand you, your company, your message or your cause.  It can give information to your visitors and encourage click-throughs to your website or blog.

Who has the most interesting, informative or creative Twitter background?  Nominate your friends (not your self – any side deals you make with people to nominate you in DM (direct messaging) is up to you.  🙂

We want to be inspired by others and see their Creative Wisdom.  So post links to your favorite Twitter background pages below and share with us why you like them!  Share your suggestions on how they could be better.

Here are three I really like – the bug thing is just a coincidence. (two happen to be designers…hmm, do I just like designers or do they “get” the fact that visual communication is important and know how to execute it?)  The third is by Jim Connolly – I like this because it shows both his professional photo and his “everyday” photo – makes him more approachable.


Jim Connolly

Looking forward to seeing everyone’s creativity!

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5 Responses

  1. I’m likin the BizELifeguys background… http://twitter.com/bizelifeguys

    I like the colors on the lines and the bell logo is interesting.


  2. I really love Meroko’s too! As a matter of fact, it was her Twitter background page that made me decide to make my own twitter background page! You get a sense of her personality and a list of services she provides. Smart design!
    You can see it here: http://twitter.com/Meroko
    BTW – she is a great person to follow too!

  3. I love mine – a friend did it especially for me. Love to know what other folks think of it. For me it is a calming background for a personal twitter page that does not distract from the posting area.

  4. I like these 2 pages:


    Their simple but they make a statement. 🙂

  5. This is one of the best Twitter backgrounds I’ve seen: http://twitter.com/KatieCakecrumb

    I actually have my own Twitter background patterns site. Been busy with another web site, and so haven’t added any new patterns lately, but there’s some good stuff there: http://www.hipandtwendy.com/


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