How to Find People to Follow on Twitter

Find people to follow on Twitter

Find people to follow on Twitter

So you are new to Twitter and you want to find people to follow.  Good people.  People relevant to your industry or markets that you find interesting.  How do you find them?

There are sites that offer tools to help you find people to follow – they are very useful tools in finding new people to follow.

Twellow is cool because you can search for people by catagory.  The services also tells you how many followers a person has.  This is important becuase if they have a lot of followers, then they should have interesting content.  I always check a persons Follwers/Follow ratio.  If they have a lot of followers but they don’t follow many people, then they are likely not going to follow you.  I look for a mutral follow relationship with most of my follows as I belive Twitter is all about creating new opprotunities for building relationships.  Expect to spend some time on Twellow as you will have to navigate from catagory to catagory to find the people that you find interesting.

Just Tweet It Just Tweet It is a directory.  If you want others to find you – sign up!  Then look for other people in the catagories that interest you.  Nice interface and easy to use.

Twubble Created by @crazybob Twubble suggests followers based on who your followers are following.  You can then see which of your followers is following any of the recommended Tweeters twubble suggests.

Finding great people to follow when you start can be difficult, these tools should help make your search easier!  You can always follow me on Twitter as well!

Written By Leah Dossey, owner, art director and designer at Blueleaf Creative.  Contact Leah at  Follow Leah on Twitter,  join the facbook group Creative Wisdom, or become a fan of Blueleaf Creative.



9 Responses

  1. Great post….but your “follow Leah on Twitter” link says “that page doesn’t exist.” Thought you should know!

  2. Thanks Beth! Have that fixed now!

  3. Good post, I’m definitely going to put twellow to use. I often use the ‘everyone’ tab and comment ones I find interesting, but categories would make it so much less time consuming

  4. You can also try MrTweet

  5. […] CreativeWisdom also talks about Twello, but has some other great ideas. […]

  6. Hello. I’ve developed an application called find2follow. It’s a minimalistic approach to finding people to follow on Twitter. No sign-in, no sign-up, no Twitter password required. It also has an anti-celebrity filter 🙂 Check this out:

  7. I’m sorry, this would be the right link:

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