Ramp Up Sales This Holiday Season

Many companies believe that pulling back on their marketing and advertising budgets right now is the smart move.  I am here to tell you that it is not. What I am about to say may seem counter-intuitive, but hear me out, it makes sense.  SPEND on your marketing and advertising.  SPEND as much as you can reasonably afford.  Why?  Because while others are pulling out, that frees up room for YOU to get in front of more potential clients and customers.  The competition is being weeded out by poor marketing and advertising decisions – capitalize on their mistake!

Many newspapers, magazines, print and online publications are discounting their ad placements to help fill the gaps – let your companies message fill that gap!

This is a great opportunity to gain new customers and be seen where you haven’t been seen before.

How to be smart about it.

So let’s not go off the deep end and spend a bunch of money on stuff that isn’t going to get you the best return on your investment.  You should know what works for your company (if you don’t work with a company, like Blueleaf Creative and others that can help you develop a good strategy) use that method now and double your efforts.  The opportunity for great reward is out there.  For example.  If you usually post on ad in a local magazine with success, post 2 or 3 in the same publication – not the same ad, but variations on that ad that will build your brand and get you repeated exposure and increase your chance of making a sale.  Perhaps you use direct mail marketing or email marketing – keep it up and increase your mailings.  The repeated exposure will pay off.

Try something new (but be sensible about it).  Try a new marketing technique that will get you in front of NEW potential clients to help you increase sales and GROW your business.  Again, be sensible, don’t put all your eggs in a “new” basket that isn’t proven.  Do a test.  Track the results and if it works – hit it hard!

Time is of the essence.  If you haven’t already developed a Holiday marketing and advertising plan, you need to start NOW – like right now.  On average you will need 2-4 weeks (or longer) to successfully put a campaign together.

Gain last minute sales. Many customers and clients wait until the last minute to make holiday purchases.  Plan now to gain those last minute dollars.

BUT I’M NOT RETAIL. I don’t care if you are a roofer, a tutor, a valve distributor, or an elephant wrangler, the opportunity is the same.  Your competition is pulling out – so step up, fill the gap, increase your sales and grow your business!