How to Better your Business through Smart, Cost Effective Visual Communications

Creative Wisdom is a resource for you and your business as they relate to the realms of printing and graphic design.

In plain English, I’m going to share with you the tips and tricks I have learned in my 11+ years of experience in the design, web and print world and help you AVOID the common mistakes that are commonly made.

In the weeks to come we will visit a series of topics regarding logos and branding, the importance of a well designed business card, the benefits of social networking online, what you really need when you start your business, how to plan and budget for marketing, design and advertising, and how to deal with printers and how to get the best deals on printing.

So who am I and what makes me an expert?  Well, I am Leah Dossey, owner of Blueleaf Creative – a design and full service graphic communication company in Spring, Texas.  Blueleaf Creative will be celebrating it’s fourth anniversary this spring (and man are we excited!).  I have recently been chosen as a recipient of the Sam Walton Emerging Entrepreneur Award, I have over 11+ years experience in the design, web and print worlds, and my passion in life is helping business grow through great design and smart planning when it comes to their marketing goals and budget.