Who is @Creative Wisdom?

Leah Dossey is @CreativeWisdom

Leah Dossey is @CreativeWisdom

Welcome and thank you for visiting my twitter profile and clicking on the link that lead you here!

I’d like to take a moment to share a little bit more about myself than 140 characters will allow.

I’m Leah Dossey, the voice behind the Creative Wisdom blog and the insanity that is @CreativeWisdom on Twitter. I am also the owner, and one of the graphic designers at Blueleaf Creative.

I live right outside of Houston,Texas and am a native Houstonian.  I have been enjoying Houston and all it has to offer for 36 years (that was a subtle way for me to tell you how old I am).  I am married and have two boys born in 1998 and 2002. My hubby, says I’m a MILT (Mom I’d Like To Tweet).  I have been involved with photography, graphic design, and printing for 12 years.  I started Blueleaf Creative, as a full-service graphic design studio in the spring of 2005.  In October of 2008 I was 1 of 25 women selected by Sam’s Club, as a Sam Walton Emerging Entreprenuer.  That honor, and the support Sam’s Club has given me, in conjunction with the support of Count Me In has allowed me to grow my business and branch into new markets.

Why Creative Wisdom?

When selecting the title of my blog and on-line moniker, I wanted to use something that really spoke from my core and defined what I believe as a person, designer and business owner.  Hence, Creative Wisdom.

What is Creative Wisdom?

Creative Wisdom is something we all have.  It is the ability to take what we have learned and apply it in new ways.

Creative Wisdom, verb

1. Ability to use past experiences to think creatively when solving new problems

Creative Wisdom, noun

1. The movement started by Leah Dossey, of Blueleaf Creative to share experiences regarding graphic design, printing and marketing wisdom that is relevant to business owners, media buyers, and marketing professionals.
2. The blog where users can read pearls of Creative Wisdom
3. The facebook group where business owners, media buyers, and marketing professionals can share their own Creative Wisdom.
4.  The twitter id (@CreativeWisdom) that I use to communicate with the world.

Creative Wisdom – the blog

The focus of my blog Creative Wisdom, is to share with you the tips and tricks I have learned in my 12 years of experience in the design, web and print world and help you AVOID the common mistakes that are commonly made.  I have also added a twitter section to share my Creative Wisdom in that arena.

I am always looking for a new “story to tell” so if you have a design, or print question, please feel free to ask!  I may just have to write my next blog post about it!

@CreativeWisdom on Twitter

Let’s see if I can do this in over 140 characters!  You are here because you found me on twitter and wanted to learn more about me and what makes me who/what I am.  If you have a question about me, my blog, my business, or anything I tweet, please do not hesitate to send me a DM and I will answer your questions!  For me, twitter is about idea sharing, communication and relationships.  The more we can do this, the better!

From time to time you will see me support the three causes that I have selected for 2009 on twitter.  These causes, The Emancipation Network, Count Me In (Make Mine a Million $ Business Race) and The Boy Scouts of America are near and dear to my heart.  They are a part of who I am, the help make up my Creative Wisdom, so I am compelled to tweet about them.  You will also see me support the products and services of the business I believe in.  If you see a tweet go out from me recommending a service or company – you better believe that I vouch for them personally.

I believe in the community of friends, associates and just “folks” that I interact with.  I am here to help them, and I believe (even if it may be naive) that they believe in me – at least enough to find what I say interesting.  (I almost typed a smiley emoticon there!)

I also believe twitter is about having fun – so you will see strange, trivial, and silly tweets from me.

Most importantly, I AM APPROACHABLE.  There are so many people on twitter that are hesitant to engage a person they are following.  Please – do not hesitate – send me an @reply, or a DM.  I may not be able to respond right away – but I will respond!

My Company, Blueleaf Creative

You can learn more about Blueleaf Creative, but here is a quick overview.  Blueleaf Creative is a full-service graphic design, web and print project management studio.  If it can be printed on paper or posted to the web, Blueleaf Creative can provide complete graphic design solutions, from concept to door-step, that meet your marketing goals and budget.  We specialize in helping business achieve their marketing goals with creativity.  See a full list of services in alphabetical order.

Connect On-Line

So, if you aren’t already, please follow me on Twitter.  You can also connect with me on Facebook, FriendFeed or LinkedIn.  Feel free to  join the facebook group Creative Wisdom, or become a fan of Blueleaf Creative.

Happy Tweeting and see you around!


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  1. Hi,

    I am an intern working at Creative Display Solutions for Maureen Borzachiello. She recommended I get in touch with you for some information on social media networks. My question was about the capabilities of social media networks interacting and what works with what (e.g. twitter on youtube, youtube on facebook etc.). Our main network focuses would include: youtube, facebook, twitter and linkedin. Thanks for your help, Jessica

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