It’s not what you know…

We have all heard the old adage, “It’s not what you know, but who you know,” and I’m here to tell you that is correct.  One of the greatest assets you have in effectively and inexpensively marketing your business is the network of people you know. Tell everyone about your business.  Make them understand what you do and then ask them to spread the word.  Most of us are “too shy” or feel like we would be imposing if we asked our friends, family and colleagues to do this for us – GET OVER IT.  People love helping other people.  It makes them feel good.  So spread the love – get the word out and watch the new business come in.

Practical Applications:

Easier said than done, right?  Wrong.  Here are some easy ways to get the word out about your products or services – FOR FREE.

1.  Facebook – I know you may not want to, but do it!  Put up your photo or company logo, tell your story and invite your friends.  Use it as a great tool to promote yourself.  You can do it!

2.  Email  – Send your story to your friends and ask them to get the word out about you.

3.  Add a tagline to your email signature.  Something like, “The Best Compliment We Can Receive Is A Referral. Please Don’t Keep Us A Secret!!!”

4.  Write a Press Release.  There are free press release submission sites – look for them on google.

5.  Promote your press release.  Think about who you would like to do a story on you and then call them!  Most sites will have at least the general number for publications under the “contact us” button.  Call.  Tell them you’d like to share your story, good news, new product launch, etc. with the community and ask them who you need to talk to.  You’d be surprised that more often than not, they will put you in contact with the right people.

6.  Link to your press release on your website, facebook, anywhere and everywhere you can.

7.  Pin your business card up at the local coffee shops, book stores, etc.

8.  Ask every new person you meet what they do.  Then tell them what you do.  (they will usually ask)  Perhaps they know of someone who could use your product or services.  Get their contact information and then follow up with them.

9.  Ask existing customers for referrals.

10.  Join as many social networking sites as you can keep up with and self promote through them.

Wow.  If you can do all that for FREE think of what can happen if you spend a bit of money!